Exchange 2013 – Configuring Mail For Android

1. Go to Settings 2. Under Accounts, tap Add Account     3. Tap Corporate / Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync   4. Fill in your email address and password and tap Next   5. Tap Manual Setup / Edit Details   6. Edit the Domain\Username, Password, and Exchange Server fields to your settings. Domain\Username: (Full E-mail Address) Password: Your E-mail Password Exchange Server: snaex15.rsapps.com (leave the other settings to the defaults)   7. Set your preferences as desired and tap Done  …

Accessing VDI From Android

Launch the play store – download “Citrix Receiver”   Launch Citrix receiver   Tap Add Account   Use https://cloudoffice.rsapps.com as the server URL   Fill out the form using your email address, your password, and specify exp001 as the domain   Once logged in, tap the Desktop App which will launch your desktop.

Changing Your Password Via CloudOffice

Step 1: Log in to your Virtual Desktop   Step 2: Once Logged in, open the menu at the top of the page by clicking the black tab with the arrow on it, then click “Ctrl+Alt+Del”   Step 3: From the Ctrl+Alt+Del menu, select “ Change a password… “   Step 4: Enter your old password, your new password, and confirm your new password – then click the blue arrow   Note: If you have lost your password, or are…