Installing Citrix Receiver On Windows

In your browser, go to http://receiver.citrix.com. Click Download Receiver for Windows Select Start to proceed Agree to license agreement Select install to complete process Complete the setup. After installation you will see the Citrix Receiver icon in the notification area of the taskbar.

Accessing Files On Local Computer From The VDI

Click on the “Start” button n the VDI. Click on “Computer” Under “Other” select Local Disc (C: on your computer) Select “Users” Select “your user” You can now access the folders on your local computer such as: Desktop, Downloads, and My Documents.

Installing Citrix Receiver On Mac

1. In your web browser, go to http://receiver.citrix.com and click the “Download Receiver for Mac” button in the center of the page.   2. After downloading Citrix Receiver, proceed to installation by opening the downloaded .dmg file.   3. Click “Install Citrix Receiver”   4. Once the installation screen has appeared, click Continue   5. Click Continue and Click Agree   6. Click Install   7. If your computer settings require you type a password to complete installation, provide the password,…

Accessing VDI From iPad

1. Open the App Store 2. Search for “Citrix receiver” 3. Tap the Citrix Receiver app 4. Tap Free and then tap “Install” under the receiver Icon 5. Open the Receiver app (Auto-placed on your home screen) 6. Once the Receiver has loaded, tap Add Account 7. Enter https://cloudoffice.rsapps.com in the Address bar and tap next 8. Once verified, enter your email as the username, your password, and exp001 as the domain. 9. Tap the + on the left side of…

Accessing Your VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure)

Accessing Your VDI • From any browser, type https://cloudoffice.rsapps.com and click go or hit enter • This will bring you to the page below: o User name: enter your full email address o Password: enter the password used to log into windows (domain password) o Click Log On • The following page should appear:   o Click on Desktop • A new window will be launched called the Desktop Viewer • You are now in your VDI • This will…

Accessing VDI From Android

Launch the play store – download “Citrix Receiver”   Launch Citrix receiver   Tap Add Account   Use https://cloudoffice.rsapps.com as the server URL   Fill out the form using your email address, your password, and specify exp001 as the domain   Once logged in, tap the Desktop App which will launch your desktop.

Changing Your Password Via CloudOffice

Step 1: Log in to your Virtual Desktop   Step 2: Once Logged in, open the menu at the top of the page by clicking the black tab with the arrow on it, then click “Ctrl+Alt+Del”   Step 3: From the Ctrl+Alt+Del menu, select “ Change a password… “   Step 4: Enter your old password, your new password, and confirm your new password – then click the blue arrow   Note: If you have lost your password, or are…