Exchange 2013 – Manual Configuration for Outlook 2013

CloudMail – Manual Configuration for Microsoft Outlook 2013

This documentation is specific to MS Outlook 2013 configuration, but similar steps can be followed to configure MS Outlook 2007 and 2010 (Outlook 2003 or prior is not supported). (These instructions should only be needed pre-Autodiscover.)

1. From Control Panel launch the Mail

2. Choose to Add a new Profile. Enter a Profile name and click OK

3. Choose the Manually setup… radio button and choose Next.

4. Choose Microsoft Exchange… and choose Next.

5. Enter SBAEX15MBX01 for the Server and the user’s E-mail Address for the User Name. Recommended to click the checkbox for Use Cached Exchange Mode and set Mail to keep Offline to All. Then choose More Settings.

6. Select the Connection tab and click the checkbox under Outlook Anywhere for Connect to Microsoft Exchange using HTTP. Then choose Exchange Proxy Settings….

7. Enter the data as the described below.

  1. Use this URL to connect to my proxy server for Exchange: rsapps.com
  2. Connect using SSL only: checked
  3. Only connect to proxy servers that have this principal name in their certificate: msstd:ex15.rsapps.com
  4. On fast networks…: checked
  5. On slow networks…: checked
  6. Proxy Authentication settings: NTLM Authentication
  7. Choose OK, then OK again

8. Choose Check Name, enter the mailbox credential’s to authenticate. It may be necessary to change the logon field to the account UPN (UserPrincipalName). (Recommended to click the checkbox for ‘Remember my credentials’). Choose OK

9. After it has authenticated, choose Next then Finish.

10. Choose whether you want MS Outlook to Prompt for a profile to be used or Always use this profile, select the Profile to always use. Then choose OK.

11. Outlook should now be configured to use your Cloudmail Mailbox.

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